works because the site contains no-nonsense tips on getting your boyfriend back if he dumps you. All the advice at this site has been tried and tested by dating gurus and other women who have gone through the awful experience of being dumped or replaced. Still, many women hesitate to flock to the website because chances are, they’re still in denial.

Denial Blues: Learn from them

Stopping to think about whether you’re in denial or not is the hardest thing to do for someone who’s just been dumped. First of all, it could be a very painful experience, one that the mind tries to erase from its memory. This denial syndrome comes in a huge package for those who have Post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD.

What are 67 Steps: Does It Take These Many Steps to Mend a Broken Heart?

The lady with a broken heart did not go to war, but the intensity of the circumstances can blow up like an underground volcano anytime soon. Thus, as this site attests, sooner or later, there will be little outbursts followed by the big outbursts all coming to the fore when least expected. Another useful website, sheds light on how you can use your heartbreak not only as a way to heal your personality. This site brings strategies to light that can help you use a painful experience to help you succeed in life.

Of course, this site is based on 67 Steps, the success philosophy developed by self-made multimillionaire Tai Lopez. The site collates the personal views of those who have tried the program to increase their wealth and happiness. Many of these people have gone through so many frustrations before finding their solid footing through the personal tutelage of Lopez himself. And so while is more focused on regaining relationships that are broken or lost, is a more broad range.

But when you come to think of, most of the troubles that humans go through all spring from relationships. A relationship can be defined as a close association between two or more individuals or things. Yes, that’s right! You can get quite attached to your notebook computer as well as your canine pet.

So pervasive is relationships in society that these days, there are so-called dating consultants or even relationship counselors. As you might have guessed it, these professionals deal with relationship building pretty much like a handyman trying to repair a broken fence. Psychology sits at the heart of these brand new jobs in the same vein that is heavily concentrated on utilizing psychological principles to repair a bruised heart.

Psychology as a dictionary word springs from the Greek word psyche or the mind. As such, relationship counselors at are likely to advise you on how to use mind control in order to learn from an otherwise painful experience. Mind control, a philosophy developed in the 1980s by Dr. Jose Silva is closely related to Dr. Norman Vincent Peale’s theory of positive thinking. You can find out more about these success principles at the 67 steps site.

Such things as the placebo effect and the proven powers of hypnosis belong to the realm of both psychology and psychiatry. Using tried-and-tested techniques can be utilized by women as well as men who have been recently dumped by their significant other. As a rule of thumb, wallowing in self-pity can make matters worse, rather than commence the healing process.

Let the Healing or the Games Begin

Ultimately, it’s your choice whether you intend to wallow in depression or rise from the ashes like a phoenix. In the movie Lucy, Scarlett Johansson stars as a dumb blond who turns into a mind freak after having inadvertently taken a revolutionary new drug. The Hollywood film takes to the extreme the consequences of a strong mind.

The flick argues that human beings only use 10% of their brains while dolphins use 20% of theirs. Exaggerated as it may be, the blockbuster movie underscores the tremendous and still relatively unexplored power of the human brain. Through getting your ex back, you can solve your problem by acknowledging it and subsequently striving to become a better person.

The 67 steps bolsters the same theory by unlocking the keys of personal success through diligently setting in motion self-improvement methods passed from the dawn of human civilization. And so while sharing your misery will not solve your problem, self-development does not guarantee success. But for sure, you stand much better chances of getting your boyfriend or girlfriend back if you strive to improve yourself as opposed to entertaining suicidal thoughts.