provides a variety of products for the sport of cricket.

Live Score Feeds

Live Scores (ball by ball) of all international cricket matches

Live Scores (ball by ball) of all English Domestic Cricket matches

Live Scores (ball by ball) of all Australian/New Zealand Domestic Cricket matches (Starting in 2004)

Live Scores (ball by ball) of all India "A" matches and tour matches (Starting 2nd quarter 2004)

Live Scores can be delivered as an XML feed via ftp or as a hosted solution. Live Scores can also be delivered to SMS providers via push/pull technology

Database Syndication

The database contains every Test and Odi match played since 1886. More than 25,000 pages of content are available. With the addition of interactive queries, millions of pages of unique and interesting content can be created.

The entire database can be syndicated to clients only as a hosted solution. The database is syndicated with the complete look & feel of a clients website.

Additional Information

The layout of the scorecard generates 10-15 more page views per person per day than an average scorecard, due to the layout of the scorecard

The database generates an average of 4 page view per person per day

Once the database has been developed for a client, all news stories and articles which mentioned a cricketers name shall be automatically hyerlinked back to the database. This is currently being done with stories from AFP.


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