can deliver live ball-by ball scores to SMS providers around the world.  Live scores can be delivered via an XML feed using either push/pull technology

SMS Technology for Businesses

Through years of research and development is proud to announce the launch of our newest product "Digi E-Coupons"

This is the first product launched by the company which is not related to the sport of cricket.

Digi-E-Coupons utilizes the SMS delivery system to send digital e-coupons to your clients. The coupons are sent only to your companies opt-in list of mobile numbers. The advantages are numerous.....

A) Companies can now contact their customers directly and instantly to promote their latest products and special sales events

B) Companies can now more effectively move inventory without having to wait for print or media ads to run

C) Companies can target customers that are interested in buying products immediately at a fraction of the cost of traditional print or media.

Additional benefits include sales tracking per dept using unique coupon codes, having sales from specific areas codes or zip codes, all in real time.


Please take a look at our demo site below

This is a fully functional mock-up. 

The login info for Administrator is below. By logging in as admin you will be able to send special sales messages to users by department, zip code or area code.

login: admin

Password: BESTBUY


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